Episode 18: Flame Con 2018

This week we bring you a special episode on our experience with Flame Con 2018 in NYC! We talk about our personal experiences with the world’s largest LGBTQA+ convention and talk to some amazing comic book creators, artists, and curators! We start off talking about the troubles of finding a good “all purpose gay bar”, the ways this con went out of it’s way to be queer friendly, and our general impressions.

We then follow up with interviews with Anne Ishii of Massive Goods where we talk about the importance of erotic art being culturally valued, we catch up with illustrator Shae Beagle of the image comic Moonstruck and discuss the importance of making queer content for future generations, and end with the talented and effortlessly charismatic Tee Franklin of Bingo Love and her upcoming series Jook Joint!

Thank you to all the event organizers, artists, fans, and wonderfully queer individuals that filled our hearts with gay, gay love! Links below as to where you can buy things from these creators!!!

Massive books, fashion, and more are sold here!

Moonstruck can be bought here or wherever you buy comics. (follow Shae on Tumblr for more of their art)

You can buy Tee Franklin’s Bingo Love here or at your local comic shop as well!

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Thanks for listening! Our next episode will be on ep. 2 of Life is Strange!