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Episode 8: Shadow of the Colossus

In this week’s episode Al and T take to the desaturated hills of the forbidden land and meet some very tall lads. Shadow of the Colossus came out on PS2 in 2005 and blew everyones minds about what a game like this looks and plays like, as well as probably blowing up some PS2s because the thing had such gnarly graphics for the time. They cover the first few bosses worth of play and T goes on to explain the whole ending, so obvs spoilers! So press play and start climbing that hairy bull guy, you’ve got some stabbing to do!

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Episode 7: Motor Crush

Fire up your engines, keep your eyes on the prize, and don’t let your foot off the gas… this week we read Motor Crush by Cameron Stewart, Brendan Fletcher, and the amazing Babs Tarr! Listen to us gush about this book for an hour. Learn why you ALWAYS tell your adopted child about their bizarre other worldly background and how hot every character looks in this. We discuss why you should never own a bar in a comic book and T tries to assert that Duke Devlin (of Yu-Gi-Oh! fame) was in Wacky Racers.

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Flame Con 2018 Announcement!

We are excited to confirm that Al and T will be covering Flame Con 2018 in New York City this August! Flame Con is the worlds largest queer comic con, and these two gay nerds are so damn stoked to be able to cover it this year! We will be doing interviews with guests and creators about the industry, queer representation, and all things nerdy. If you have any questions you want us to ask, please send them in to!

And if you are attending Flame Con, say hi if you see us!


Episode 6 – Batman: The Telltale Series

This week the dynamic duo takes on the first episode of the Batman game developed by Telltale Games. This is a video  game to be clear, even though it ends up playing a lot like a choose you’re own adventure comic. Will Al convince Bruce Wayne to romance the beautiful Vicki Vale? Will T be able to follow the visual language of the game even when they show you events three times in a row? Do people rent paper to draw on? Listen and find out!

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Minisode: Adaptation Fixation

In this not so mini-sode, Al and T talk about successful and not so much adaptations of comics and video games. Al talks about the state of CW’s super hero shows, the new Cartoon Network Thundercats that’s in the works, DC’s animated movies and more. T brings the Silent Hill movies, argues the transformative nature of let’s plays, and explores licensed games like the age-less “Rocket Power Beach Bandits Video Game”.

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Next Episode will be our coverage of the Telltale Batman game! Thanks for Listening!