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Episode 5: Preacher

Al and T feel the spirit this week! We take it on down to Texas and follow a small town preacher’s run-ins with racist cops, vampires, and angels that make you say, “why do we even have that angel”. This series that was published by Vertigo in 1995 still kicks ass. So come get your jaw blown off, and then continue to talk for a few panels.

CW: In quoting the comic T uses a gay slur once at 38:40, so skip that if that language bothers you!

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Episode 4: Her Story

Al and T recall their experience with this FMV detective game “Her Story”. After being released on the mobile and PC in 2015, Her Story quickly became a favorite among game critics, but it’s exploratory nature made it hard for people to talk about without spoiling it. Listen as we ruin the whole plot by recounting it breathlessly and excitedly on how this “one woman show” of a video game played out differently for each of us!

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Episode 3: Batman The Black Mirror

This week we examine the run of detective comics encapsulated in the trade called The Black Mirror. This episode is going up a few days early cause T will be away next Monday. We talk about T having the hots for Harvey Bullock, the classic anime-villain-glasses-move, and how everyone just needs to get the hell out of Gotham.

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Minisode: Fandom Begins

This weeks episode has the dynamic duo talking about how they fell down a well as a child and found a cave full of video games and/or comics. But first Al recounts her revisiting of the comic Revival, and T finds the good in dying over and over in Bloodborne. We even have pop filters and mic stands on this one so enjoy an episode free from hand fumbles and poppin plosives!

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