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Gotham Arcade – Episode 2: Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Al and T start off with perhaps one of the lowest risk gaming experiences of the 21rst century. Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is the free-to-play IOS adaptation of the popular nintendo “slow life simulator”. Will the content be all locked behind a pay wall? Will we manage to ring some fun from a series of cute but endless fetch quests? Come listen in and tell some spooky premium currency horror stories over the campfire!

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Minisode: Let’s All Just Stretch

In this bite sized episode Al and T invite you to take a deep breath in through your nose, and a long winded ramble out your mouth. Al talks about Motor Crush, Hack/Slash, and unfortunate shirt punch atrocities. T talks about Persona 5 being heterolocked, being a baby who is bad at bloodborne, and the life of the JPRG grind. Also criticism and subsequent praise of neckbeards.

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Welcome To Gotham Arcade!

Two best friends loved comics and video games so much, and needed a chance to talk about them so bad, that they started a podcast for just that! Every other week Al will recommend a comic book and T will recommend a video game for the both to enjoy and discuss, usually with varying degrees of competency.

These episodes will be ENTIRELY SPOIL FILLED!!!

While we don’t have the time (nor likely the patience) to go through every plot point and feature we will have a no holds bared talk about the media we have delved into that week. So if you see a book or a game that you’ve always wanted to play and want to go in entirely unsullied, DON’T LISTEN TO THAT EPISODE!

But also what even counts as a spoiler in these days of constant information, ami right?!?!?

Anyways enjoy our ramblings!!!!

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Gotham Arcade – Episode 1: Batman The Long Halloween

In our first episode, Al brings us “Batman: The Long Halloween” a 13-issue comic series written by Jeph Loeb with art by Tim Sale.

Talking points include: Joker in a biplane, hearts of gold, punctual murder, tragic sewer men, and where Catwoman is hiding all that hair!